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STAUNCH Wheel Alignment Machine

STAUNCH Wheel Alignment Machine

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Product description

STAUNCH Wheel Alignment Machine


1. Reference 3D virtual plane for measuring the vehicle, faster and more accurate.

2. Accuracy calculates the entire vehicle angle by two high precision cameras.

3. Machine in the factory with valid calibration and it is not necessary to perform calibration at the customer site.

4. Four standard targets, no electronic components, and no malfunction like the CCD sensors

5. Roll the vehicle to complete the compensation, quickly to get the measurement data in two minutes.

6.  Auto compensation with special clamps and no need to roll the vehicle.

7. Functions of the Track width, wheelbase, tire diameter, caster trail, etc…

8. Free from the influence of ambient light and temperature, stable and reliable.

9. The camera bar tracks four targets automatically, more conveniently, and widespread measurement in less time.

Technical Data

Model No. Accuracy Range
Display accuracy 1’ / 0.01/ mm
Camber ±2 ‘ ±10o
Caster ±6 ‘ ±20o
King – Ping(SAL) ±6 ‘ ±20o
Toe ±2 ‘ ±20o
Set Back ±2 ‘ ±5o
Thrust angle ±2 ‘ ±5o
Track width ±2mm 1800mm
wheelbase ±2mm 3300mm



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