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STAUNCH Welding Machine ARC400

STAUNCH Welding Machine

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Product description

STAUNCH Welding Machine

Function & Features:

Welding Manner: Electrode Welding, contact argon arc welding (ARC400).

Scope of application: Shipbuilding, Power Supply, Installation of large steel structure, Heavy Industrial Production.

Applicable Materials: Acid Alkalescency Electrode, Stainless steel electrodes/ Cast iron electrode, Heat-resistant Steel Electrode, etc, for welding low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, and Alloy Steel. welding rod surfaces Mild Steel/ Medium/Carbon Steel/ Alloy Steel.

Advanced Inverter Technology: With inverter frequency 100kHz, conversion efficiency up to 85%, low consumption in the no-load cycle. Reference information is digitalized which enables high-precision calibration.

Precise Control System: Pulse width modulator(PWM) controller with a closed-loop control system to ensure the machine’s working stability.

Excellent Welding Performance:

1- Strong arc force current adjustment function guarantees the stable welding bead formation which is also convenient to the adjustment of fusion depth.Strong adaptability of welding.

2-Good dynamic characteristics, small spatter, and stable arc. Easy to control the welding pool with a nice weld bead.

3-Automatic compensation function in welding long wire, which can extend the welding wire of machine above 300A to 50-100m.

Perfect Protection System: Automatic protection on over-current, overheating, under-voltage, and over-voltage, ensured the machine’s safety durability, and reliability

Technical Data

Model   ARC-250 ARC-315
Input power voltage (Frequency) (V,Hz) 380V±15%  –  50/60Hz 380V±15%  –  50/60Hz
Rated input power capacity (KVA) 9.4 11.8
No-load voltage (v) 56 70
Output current adjustment range(A) 20-200 20-310
Output voltage (V) 30 32.5
Duty cycle (%) 60 60
Efficiency (%) 85 85
Power factor (COSφ) 0.93 0.93
Weight (KG) 17.2 25
Measurement (mm) 505*218*335 580*320*495
Insulation class F F
Protection class IP21S IP21S
ARC force adjustment range(A) 0-60 0-80



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