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STAUNCH Welding Machine

STAUNCH Welding Machine

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Product description

STAUNCH Welding Machine

Function & Features:

Welding Manner: MIG,MMA

Scope of Application: Motor, auto, steel-wood furniture, light steel structure, etc.

Applicable Materials:  low carbon steel, high-strength steel, etc.

Advanced Technology: Adopt 20KHZ HF full-bridge inverter technique, greatly lessen the size and weight of power, energy saving.

Precise Control System: Stable PWM controller & closed-loop control system provides invariable and stable current with precise control.

Excellent Welding Performance:

1- PWM controller with a good transient response.

2-Wave from control technology with an adjustable inductor(electronic reactor_, arc strength can be adjusted.

3-Multiple functions and specifications, such as increase fusion depth, reduction of spatter, good welding performance.

4-Automated wire feeding reduction at ARC striking.

5- Ball peeling at the arc ending state to provide improved next arc success rate.

6- Perfect Protection System under-voltage, over-heat, and over-current, the machine is more safe and durable.

7-EMC function, powerful electric network filtering, and reduced power supply pollution.

The good anti-interference function provides protection for the circuit and stability.

Perfect humanized design: Digital display makes the related data clear, intuitive, and high precision in regulating control.

Technical Data

Model MIG-160
Input Power Voltage (V,Hz) 220  15%V     50/60
No-Load Voltage (V) 47
Rated Input Power Capacity (KVA) MIG: 4.8/ MMA: 5.8
Output Current Adjustment Range(A) MIG: 50-100
Output Voltage (V) MIG: 15-22 / MMA: 20-27
Duty Cycle (%) 60
Power Factor (Cosφ) 0.93
Efficiency (%) 85
Type Of Wire Feeder inside
Post-Flow(S) 1
Diameter Of Coll (mm) 200
Diameter Of Welding Wire (mm) 0.6/0.8
Measurement (Mm) 480*240*360
Weight (Kg) 18
Adaptable Plate Thickness (mm) 0.8
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IP21S




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