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STAUNCH Welding Machine

STAUNCH Welding Machine

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Product description

STAUNCH Welding Machine

Function & Features:

Welding Manner: Electrode Welding

Scope of Application:  Shipbuilding, Power Supply, installation of large steel structure, Heavy Industrial Production. Maintenance. Civil Steel Structure, etc.

Applicable Materials: Acid /Alkalescency Electrode, Stainless Steel Electrodes, Cast Iron Electrode, Cellulose Covered Electrode, Heat-resistant Steel

Electrode, etc, for welding low, carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, and Alloy Steel.

Precise Control System:

1- Adopted advanced half-bridge inverter technology of single-tube IGBT.

2- Current-mode pulse width modulator )PWM) the controller provides invariable and stable current with precise control and excellent performance.

Advanced Inverter Technology:

1- Small, light, portable, and cost-effective

2-Voltage-pressure compensation with a strong capacity of anti-power fluctuation.

3-High duty cycle maintains the welding continuously

4- three protection( anti-dust, damp proof, anti-corrosion) of the internal structure increased the machine’s reliability under harsh environment.

Excellent Welding Performance:

1- Strong arc starting current adjustment function which can adjust arc starting current according to welding procedure,

greatly improved the success rate of arc starting.

2- Strong arc force current adjustment function guarantees the stable welding bead formation, which is also convenient to

the adjustment of fusion depth.Strong adaptability of welding power to the welding procedures.

3- Deep welding fusion, nice welding shape with high quality of welding bead Perfect Protection System:  Automatic protection on over-current

and over-heating ensured the machine’s safety, durability, and reliability.

VRD function: No-load voltage is retained to 9-24V, which follows the standard safety regulation and against electric shock.

Technical Data

Model   ARC 300 Model ARC 300
Input Power Voltage (Frequency) (V,Hz) 220V±20%-50/60Hz Efficiency (%) 85
Rated Input Power Capacity (KVA) 9.1 Power Factor (COSφ) 0.93
Output Current Adjustment Range (A) 25-300 Insulation Class F
Output Voltage Adjustment Range(V) 21.5-30 Weight (Kg) 8
Output No-Load Voltage (V) 65 Protection Class IP21S
Arc Force Adjustment Range(A) NO Measurement (mm) 360*140*250
Thermal Arc Adjutment Range (A) NO Diameter of Rod (mm) 1.6-4.0
Duty Cycle (%) 60



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