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Technical Data

Model No. STTR99/4WD
H.P. Range 90
Type Diesel, Four Stroke Direct Injection, TC
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore/Stroke 105/118 mm
Rated Speed 2200 RPM
Air Cleaner Dry Type
Fuel Pump Inline, Make: Bosch India
Cooling System Water-cooled
Clutch System i) Single/Dua   lii) Main Clutch Disc Cerametallic
Hyd. Pump Gear Type
Lifting Capacity 2600 kg at Lower Link Ends
Electrical 12 Volts-88 Ah-Battery Self Starter Motor & Alternator
Tire Front: 7.5×16 / Rear: 16.9×30/18.4×30
Wheel Track 1425 mm/1510 mm
Length x Width 3900 mm x 1925 mm
Height – up to steering 1790 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 410 mm
Min. Turning Radius 3.5 m
Weight 2650 Kg
P.T.O 1. No. of Splines 6
PTO Speed RPM 1000 and 540 RPM
Driver’s Seat Adjustable
No. of Gear Speeds 12 Forward + 12 Reverse
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Brake Type WET Oil Immersed Multiple discs
Brake Actuation Mechanical, independent right/left or combined
Parking Brake Actuation Independent through a hand lever
Hydraulic (ADDC) Two levers, automatic Draft and Position control with mix control.


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