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STAUNCH Suspended Work Platform

STAUNCH Suspended Work Platform

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Product description

STAUNCH Suspended Work Platform

About the A2 Suspended Work Platform

The A2 Suspended Work Platforms are temporarily set on buildings for special aims such as painting, cleaning, and construction. More about the A2 platform include the following:

-The platform is operated via an on-board control panel.
-The platform is suspended by an 8mm galvanized steel wire rope.
-The A2 platform is powered by 3-phase electricity, and a Siemens-trade-mark control unit lifting speed of the platform: 12 m/min.
-The A2 is equipped with emergency brakes, safety ropes, and an eccentric centrifugal brake system (REDUCER) to prevent over-speeding when -lowering the platform.
-The A2 platform is also equipped with an automatic balance system (COUNTER WEIGHT GUARD) for operator safety platform size is adjustable.
-The wheels on the A2 allow ground maneuverability.
-Max weight: 4,450 Kg.
-2-year warranty.

Technical Data

Working Height 3-220 Current (A) 5
Load Limit(kg) 300 Period(p/min) 900
RL Rated Load(kg) 450 Frequency (Hz) 50
Length(cm) 240 Wire Rope Diameter (mm) 8
Width (cm) 65 Wire Rope Feature 6 x 19
Height (cm) 200 Momentum (Nm) 15,4
Weight (kg) 200 Lifting Limit Switch (A) 25
Power (hp) 3 Protection Class IP 55
Voltage (V) 380 Movement Speed (m/sec) 12


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