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STAUNCH Submersible Pump WP 25

STAUNCH Submersible Pump

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Product description

Submersible Pump WP 25

WP 25 is a professional water pump with a hydraulic motor designed for pumping clear and muddy water with suspended solids with dimensions up to mm 20. The hydraulic functioning assures HIGH POWER, SAFETY, RESISTANCE TO ABRASIVE LIQUIDS, POSSIBILITY TO RUN DRY, ROBUSTNESS AND LONG OPERATIVE LIFE.

The performances are very high: flow up to 1.600 L/min with water head up to 45 meters.

Thanks to its characteristics WP 25 is ideal in professional use, in the maintenance of utility networks, in large dewatering intervents, in civil protection, in road maintenance works. Extremely robust and reliable can be powered from small hydraulic power packs or from the hydraulic circuits of earthmoving machines, trucks, tractors, etc.

Technical Data

Model No. WP 25
Outlet mouth 3” BSP
Dimension lxh 30 cm x H 30 cm
Weight 9,5 Kg
Flow 1600 L/min
Water head max 45 meters
Pumpable solids dimension 2 cm
Impeller type Centrifugal open impeller
Impeller material Hard aluminum alloy
Volute material INOX – Stainless steel
Hydraulic motor type Gear type group 2
Oil flow 15-38 L/min
Ideal flow 30 L/min
Oil pressure 100 – 210 Bar
Back pressure tolerable 17 Bar max




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