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STAUNCH Rendering Machine CONTROL TUPO-7

STAUNCH Rendering Machine CONTROL

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Product description

STAUNCH Rendering Machine TUPO-8 E CONTROL


1. Foldable Directional Pipe, Shift machine conveniently when machine pass door or concrete beams of ceiling just fold the two-directional pipes;

2.  Using the latest design to widen directional pipes what made of aluminum alloy, Highly Tenacity, but much lighter than previous generations;

3. Effectively increases working capacity, reducing subsequent manual repair;

4. Extra large mortar tray. Usually, if the wall is not higher than 3.5 meters you won’t need to  add more mortar after the initial feeding;

5. Reversible mortar tray design, cement can pour directly from wheelbarrow to mortar tray;

6. Alternatively select manual control or automatic control of cement volume and delivering time;

7.  Machine lift upgraded 25% lifting speed, effectively increase work efficiency;

8. The vertical bars now are foldable, making it a lot easier and faster to move the machine from one room to another.

Technical Data

Model No. TUPO-7
Dimension  L x W x H 1200 X 650 X 550 mm
Weight 150Kg
Electricity phase Three/single
Power 0.7kw/380v/220v/50Hz/60Hz
Rendering thickness 5 – 30 mm
Rendering speed Apr.55m2/hour
Length of plastering Trowel 1200 mm
Rendering height  standard 3.5, special up to 4 m


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