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STAUNCH Pressure Washer Pump

STAUNCH Pressure Washer Pump

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Product description

Pressure Washer Pump WHY 1520

WHY 1520 pressure washer pump hydraulically driven  with 12v solenoid Max water pressure 200 bar water flow 15 l/min , rotary type with three ceramic pistons Supplied complete with water suction  filter and hydraulic quick couplers Hydraulic motor complete with hydraulic valve for defense against the excess of flow/speed and solenoid 12 v ( 12 v electro valve )

The electric solenoid allows having the motor/pump rotation completely stopped when the water gun trigger is released

The solenid feels the pressure increase to the max when water flow is stopped, this signal stops the motor

Hydraulic power needed 15 – 35 l/min – oil pressure 150 – 210 bar

Technical Data

Model No. WHY 1520
Weight 12 Kg
Length 26 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 29 cm




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