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STAUNCH Portable Hydraulic Construction Steel Cutter MG 20 H

STAUNCH Portable Hydraulic Construction Steel Cutter

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Product description

STAUNCH Portable Hydraulic Construction Steel Cutter MG 20 H

Very Small, Very Fast, Very Strong

It is a machine that can conduct cutting with a hydraulic propulsion system. It operates on a single effect hydraulic propulsion system and controlled by an electrical system. Thanks to the pressure safety system it has, it prevents possible over-capacity use by the

operator. It can be manufactured either as 220 V or 380 V in line with customer demand. The maintenance and spare parts need are low thanks to its hydraulic structure and the costs of these services are also low. As it is very light and can easily be moved, it is

indispensable for small construction sites.

Technical Data

Model.No MG 20 H
Cutting Capacity Unit Steel Quality 65 kg/mm2 85 kg/mm2
45 kg/mm2
1 Ø 22 Ø 18 Ø 14
2 Ø 12 Ø 10 Ø 8
Machine Table 220V Power Unit
Width (cm) 25 25 18
Length (cm) 53 48 25
Height (cm) 43 30 18
Motor Power (kW) 1.1
Rotation (rpm) 1450
Frequency (Hz) 50
Voltage (V) 380 / 220*
Weight (kg) 47 5 5.5
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (lt) 4


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