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STAUNCH Nitrogen Generator & Inflator HP-1670B/DN

STAUNCH Nitrogen Generator & Inflator

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Product description

STAUNCH Nitrogen Generator & Inflator HP 1670B/DN

Technical Data

Model No. HP-1670B/DN
Suitable for Car & Light Truck
Power 220V~10%,50/60Hz
Nitrogen Generation 95~99%
Nitrogen Purity Through High-Quality Filtration
Air Inlet Pressure 9~10kg/c;130~145PSI
Nitrogen Outlet Pressure 6~8kg/c;85-115PSI
Output Capacity 60~70L/Min;15.8-18.5Gallon/Min
N2 Tank Capacity 70L/18.5Gallon inside
Standard 2 hoses+Vaccum Generator & N2 Inflator
Optional High Precision Water/Oil vapor Filter



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