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STAUNCH Mast Climbing Work Platform

STAUNCH Mast Climbing Work Platform

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Product description

STAUNCH Mast Climbing Work Platform

About the M1 Mast Climbing Work Platform


-Platform size is adjustable.
-Towable trailer chassis.
-Lifting speed : 7 – 17 m/min.
-Can be used as a material hoist.
-Easy to assemble.
-Maximum platform loading capacity: 1000 kg.
-Maximum height is 150m on the condition that the mast is tied on at every 2 or 3 floors (6m).
-The M1 is equipped with outriggers to help fixate the platform on the ground and increase stability.
-Automatically locks in sudden movement via a double-electromagnetic braking system.
-A parachute-brake system is standard on every M1 Platform.

Technical Data

H min 7.2 mt. / max 150mt PL 8 mt
H1 0,85 mt PL1 1.2 mt
H2 1.1 mt PL2 max. 2.75 mt
H3 min 6mt / max.15mt PL3 1.2 mt
H4 6mt
H5 1.2 mt T 1.65 mt
H6 1.3 mt S1 0.6 mt
H7 1.4 mt PL max 45


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