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STAUNCH Hydraulic single steel wheel road roller

STAUNCH Hydraulic single steel wheel road roller

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Product description

Hydraulic single steel wheel road roller SGW300

Scope of application:

Applicable to narrow place compaction asphalt pavement; pavement, 

greenway and bike lanes and asphalt surface layer; parking area, 

maintenance and construction. Effects of municipal road maintenance 

construction of cement stabilized layer compaction in layers; channel 

into the edge, corner of the compaction of asphalt concrete.The 

highway construction of culvert, channel, bridge abutment backfill 

structures, large roller compaction work cannot work area.

The municipal landscape, residential landscape, golf course 

construction of pavement paving, sidewalks paving, and compaction.

Other construction in a narrow area and compaction equipment weight 

sensitive construction situation, flexible and efficient completion of 

compaction work.


The vibration damping type operating handle, folding, detachable, convenient transportation. While the use of a large area of shock absorber, multi-point vibration, even if the long time working will fatigue.

With a high power reserve of four-stroke engine electric starting, low fuel consumption, low noise, excellent durability, together with oil induction device, when the engine oil is insufficient with automatic stop function

The equipped with large capacity water tank, reduce the return water trouble, so that equipment can be continuous growth of working time.

A full closed hydraulic control system, ensure the walking and compaction degree of accuracy, the maintenance is more convenient, convenient use, safety.

The steel wheel with automatic pressing cleaning scraper, prevent dirt and asphalt in the steel wheel aggregation, compacting smoother.

The side of a vehicle body design of a compact smooth walls, in the corners and edges of operation is very easy and convenient.

Technical Data

Model No. SGW300
Weight kg 260
Length mm 1250
Width mm 750
Height mm 1300
Compacting Width mm 560
Exciting Force KN 27
Steering Angle deg. 360
Gradeability deg. 25
Work Speed Km/h 0-3
Vibrating System Eccentric shaft type
Rolling System Hydraulic Drive
Engine Model KOHLER CH270
Engine Type Gasoline / Air Cooling / Electric Start
Max. Output kW(HP) 4.5 (6)/3600rpm
Fuel Tank L 4.2
Sprinkler L 18


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