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STAUNCH Hydraulic disc saw

STAUNCH Hydraulic disc saw

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Product description

Hydraulic disc saw DC 16

Hydraulic disc saw with disc capacity up to 400mm ( 16”). The tool can install “black” discs for metal and diamond discs for concrete and masonry, ergonomic and light DC16 has an unbeatable power to weight ratio, the hydraulic functioning guarantees the maximum safety as no electricity means no possibility of electric shock hazard, absence of emissions, minimal noise vibrations, and maintenance, reliability, long operative life, the possibility to work in any position or conditions, can also be used for professional underwater works.

Technical Data

Model No. DC 16
Weight 8,5 Kg
Dimension lxh 70 x 40 cm
Flow 30 DC16
Pressure 140 – 180 Bar
DISC DIAMETER 35 – 40 cm (14”- 16”)
CUTTING CAPACITY 14,5 with disc Ø 40 cm
ROTATION CW senso orario – clock wise




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