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STAUNCH Hydraulic Breaker KV19

STAUNCH Hydraulic Breaker

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Product description

Hydraulic Breaker KV19

KV19 with “T type” anti-vibration handles suspended on springs, the tool is “operator friendly” and its use ideal in general demolition works of concrete and asphalt cutting. KV19 gives the best compromise between high power and maneuverability, which can be powered by power packs or by the hydraulic circuit of mini excavators, trucks, or other machines with sufficient hydraulic circuits. The hydraulic functioning assures quietness, productivity, fuel economy united with the excellent transportability of the group power pack/ breaker eliminating the typical problems of transport and movements of the bulky air compressors and pneumatic breakers.

Technical Data

Model No. KV19
Weight 19 Kg
Dimension lxh 42 x 72 cm
Tool bit size 25 x 108 cm
Flow 18 – 30 L/min
Pressure 150 L/min
Blow frequency 1300 – 1500
Impact energy 7 KGM
Handle type “T” Anti vibration




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