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STAUNCH Four post Lifter

STAUNCH Four post Lifter

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Product description

STAUNCH Four post Lifter STFPL4000


1.  Electro-hydraulic lift, with hydraulic cylinder located under

one of the platforms.

2. Low profile platforms, with short drive-on ramps, can be for

when fully lowered, requires less space.

3. Each platform is the complete steel plate without splicing, no welding ensures durability and planeness

4. With second lifting guide rail and equipped the secondary lifting trolley

5. Safety rack installed in each column. Mechanical lock engaged automatically in the lifting process.

6. Adjustable width between two platforms makes the lift more flexible for different vehicles.

7. Low voltage control system matches the CE standard.

8. Equipped second lifting guide rail and the secondary lifting trolley

Technical Data

Model No. STFPL4000
Machine Body Main Unit 2th lifting trolley
Lifting Capacity 4000kg(8818lb) 2000kg(4409lb)
Lifting Height 1750mm(69”) 490mm(19.3”)
Platform Height 245mm(9.6”)
Platform Length 4360mm(171”) 880mm-1280mm
Platform width 520mm(20.5”) 175mm(6.9”)
Lifting Time 55s 10s
Dropping Time 55s 10s
Width 3110mm(245”)
Length 5100mm(200”)



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