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STAUNCH Electric Water Pump

STAUNCH Electric Water Pump

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Product description

STAUNCH Electric water pump 2HCP160B


Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the

materials from which the pump is made.

They are easy to use and are economical,they are ideal for domestic use and in particular for distributing water in combination with

small pressure sets and for the irrigation of gardens and allotments.

The pump comes complete with a flap-check valve.

The pump should be installed in an enclosed environment,or at least sheltered from

inclement weather.


1. Two-pole induction motor(n=2850 r.p.m)

2. Insulation Class B

3. Protection IP44

4. Continuous service S1

5. Thermal protector

6. Single-phase 220V/50Hz, 60Hz if request

7. Three-phase 380V/50Hz, 60Hz if request

Operating conditions

1. Liquid temperature to 600oC

2. Ambient temperature to 400oC

3. Total suction lift up to 8m

Technical Data

Component Construction
Pump body Cast iron with brass/AISI304 insert if request,reduces the risk of impeller seizure
Pump support Cast iron with brass/AISI304 insert if request,reduces the risk of impeller seizure
Motor housing Aluminum,Sheet steel for CP130
Impeller Brass
Motor shaft Carbon steel, AISI420/304 SS if request
Mechanical seal Ceramic/Graphite
Bearings 6202 RZ/6203 RZ (1 HP), 6204 RZ/6204 RZ (1.5HP&2HP) 6205 RZ/6304 RZ (3HP), 6205 RZ/6306 RZ (4HP)



No. MODEL POWER Q(m/h) 0 1.5 3 4.5 6 7.5 9
kW HP Q(I/min) 0 25 50 75 100 125 150
D 2HCP-160B 1.5 2 H 54 50 47 42 34 24 8



(Inch)    (Kg) mm
D 2HCP-160B 11/2”  x  1” 27 455 x 255 x 290


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