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STAUNCH Electric Pallet Truck

STAUNCH Electric Pallet Truck

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Product description

STAUNCH Electric Pallet Truck CBD20KD1

The super-light walkie type (2000kg/4400lbs) with small

turning radius and low profile chassis, widely used in

narrow space like supermarket and workshop.



1. Advanced AC control system eliminates the motor brushes

and directional contactors, which makes the minimal


Intelligentized regenerative brake system: increase overall

truck performance by decreasing battery charge intervals.

2. Side-way battery with roll-out system is very convenient to

replace batteries.

3. Emergency reversing device

4. Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads

5. Long handle tube support flexible & laborsaving operation

6. Emergency power disconnect

7. Low-speed switch in the handle

8. Stepless speed control


1. Low battery protection setting prolongs the battery life

2. CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity

3. All pivot points have grease fitting & serviceable bushing,

reducing component-wearing.

Technical Data

Model No. CBD20KD1
Battery Type 1 set side way battery
Load capacity/rated load (kg/lbs) 2000/4400
Load centre distance (mm/inch) 600/23.6
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork (mm/inch) 815/865/935(32/34/36.8)
Tire size, front mm/inch Φ250×70/Φ10×2.8
Tire size rear mm/inch Φ82×126(98)/Φ3.2×5(3.85)
Additional wheels(dimensions) mm/inch Φ127×57/5×2.2
Wheels, number front rear(x=driven wheel) 1x+2/2(4)
Height of tiller in drive position min./max. (mm/inch) 780/1230(30.7/48.4)
Overall length (mm/inch) 1655/1705/1775(65.2/67.1/69.1)
Length to face of forks (mm/inch) 555/21.9
Overall width (mm/inch) 775/30.5
Fork dimensions (mm/inch) 54x180x1100x1150/1220(2.1x7x43x45x48)
Width overall forks (mm/inch) 520/550/650/685(20.5/22/26/27)
Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 crossways (mm/inch) 2015/2065/2135(79/81/84)
Aisle width for pallets 800×1200 lengthways (mm/inch) 2115/2115/2135(83/83/84)
Turning radius (mm/inch) 1400/1450/1520(55/57/60)
Travel speed, laden/unladen km/h 5.5/5.6
Battery voltage, nominal capacity k5 V/Ah 24/210
Battery weight kg/lbs 170/375
Battery box dimensions mm 750x170x534
Service weight (with battery) kg/lbs 620/1367


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