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STAUNCH Construction Steel Bender

STAUNCH Construction Steel Bender

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Product description

Construction Steel Bender BT24X1

Fixed Hub Scrape System Stirrup Equipment

They are machines that operate with mechanical power conveying system, with a fixed hub, and can be moved easily. They can be controlled both automatically and manually. These machines have a scrape system of stirrup equipment that makes it easier to manufacture special stirrup manufacture. In standard manufacture, operation voltage is 380 V, however, they can be manufactured in 220 V on-demand. A portable table is included in the accessories of the machine.

Technical Data

Model No BT 24 x 1
Cutting Capacity Steel Quality
Unit 45 kg/mm2 65 kg/mm2 85kg/mm2
1 Ø 22 Ø 20 Ø 18
2 Ø 14 Ø 12 Ø 10
Width  56 cm
Length 47 m
Height 62 cm
Motor Power 1.1 kw
Operating Voltage 380 volt
Weight 105 kg


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