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STAUNCH Bulldozer SM23

STAUNCH Bulldozer

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Product description

STAUNCH Bulldozer SM23

Product Features:

This medium-sized dozer leads the pack with huge push factors for greater efficiency on tougher earthmoving jobs. Indeed, when compared with competitors in its class, it provides much better value when it comes to such factors. Comes standard with a Cummins engine.

Technical Data

Model No. SM23
Model & Type Cummins NT855-C280S10; line, water-cooled;4-cycle, overhead-valve direct injection, turbocharged diesel
Rated revolution 2000rpm
Rated power 169kw
Number of cylinders 6-139.7×152.4mm(bore stroke)
piston displacement 14.010L
Min. fuel consumption 217g/kw-h
Maximum torque 1036 N.m@1400rpm
Power Transmission System
Torque converter 3-elements, 1 stage, 1 phase
Transmission Planetary gear, multi-disc clutch, hydraulically connected, forced lubrication
Main drive The spiral bevel gear, splash lubrication, single-stage speed reduction
Steering clutch Lubricated, multi-disc, spring-loaded, hydraulically separated, hydraulics control
Steering brake Lubricated, floating direct on-off hydraulic inter-linking operation
Final drive 2 stage speed reduction of spur gear, splash lubrication
Travel Speed
Gear 1st 2nd 3rd
Forward 0˜3.8km/hr 0˜6.8km/hr 0˜11.8km/hr
Reverse 0˜4.9km/hr 0˜8.5km/hr 0˜14.3km/hr
Undercarriage System
Type Swing type of sprayed beam suspended structure of equalizer bar
Carrier rollers 2 each side
Track rollers 7 each side (single flange 5, double flange 2)
Track type 39 each side(assembled single-tooth shoes)
Width of track shoes 560mm
Pitch 216mm
Hydraulic System
Maximum pressure 19.1MPa
Pump type Gear pump
Discharge(Tondem2000rpm) 194(2000rpm)/L/min
Bore of working cylinder x no. 110mm x 2
Blade type Straight – tilt Angle U-blade
Dozing capacity 7.8 m3 5.4 m3 8.4 m3
Efficiency(theoretical value 40m) 330m3/h 245m3/h 365m3/h
Blade width 3725mm 4365mm 3860mm
Blade height 1395mm 1107mm 1379mm
Maximum drop below ground 540mm  560mm  540mm
Maximum tilt adjustment >1210mm >1240mm >1210mm
Weight of blade 2900kg 3372kg 3350kg
Min. ground clearance 405mm 405mm 405mm
Operating weight 23.45t 23.67t 24.6t
Ground pressure 0.078MPa 0.078MPa 0.078MPa
Min. turning radius 3.3m 3.3m 3.3m
Gradeability 30o 30o 30o
Track gauge 2000m 2000m 2000m
Ripper (Optional)
Maximum digging depth of 3-shank ripper 666mm
Maximum lift above ground 555mm
Weight of 3-shank ripper 2495kg
Maximum digging depth of single ripper 695mm
Maximum lift above ground 515mm
Weight of single ripper 2453kg







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