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STAUNCH Automatic Tire Inflator Machine

STAUNCH Automatic Tire Inflator Machine

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Product description

STAUNCH Automatic Tire Inflator Machine


1. Preinstalled electron pressure display, safety, accurate and easy operation

2. Automatic discharge when over inflation

3. Manual air inflation and measuring tire pressure with manual type

4. Automatic air inflation with high speed and high level of accuracy

5. Buzzing and lighting alarm appears after finishing inflation

6. Tyre bead is not sealed with the tire rim, the loose clamping mouth, the leakage pipeline, and air leakage, all the situation above will lead to lighting and automatic alarm during the air inflation. And the inflator can proceed texting job three times at most. The inflator will not execute all the inflation orders until the stoppages are absolutely removed.

7. Adopting pressure sensor of high accuracy. accuracy2%(full-scale reading)

8. IP54 level waterproof design, which is attractive and durable.

Technical Data

Model No. HJ 951BD JX
Voltage AC220V
Power ≤44W
Length of air inflator tube 10 meters
air inlet pressure 4-10&10-16bar
inflation pressure 1-7&7-13bar
tolerance for inflation pressure ±0.02 bar
working temperature -20OC~70OC
relative humidity 10%RH~95%RH non-condensing
inflation speed 400L/Min@10Bar



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